About LRC


Bro Joesph Spehar, S.M.

Sr. Christine Edwards, S.F.P.


Established: Nov. 1978

About Lighthouse

The history of Lighthouse Community is a story of the Lord sending many people who were seeking happiness and more fulfillment in their lives. In the later part of 1971 the Lord sent a lady to Sister Christine asking about the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. From this encounter a prayer meeting emerged, which eventually moved to Little Flower parish.

That same year the pastor of St. Lawrence Church requested a prayer meeting in his parish. Thus there were two prayer meetings going on simultaneously at two different parishes with the same leadership. In January,1978 in prophecy and vision the Lord unexpectedly gave the name Lighthouse Community.

That year the two groups merged and officially became Lighthouse Community and since then have met at St. Ignatius Parish. St. James prayer Group and St. Ignatius prayer group joined Lighthouse Community.



Three Goals:

  1. Our Call to Center on Jesus

  2. Our Call to Grow in Holiness

    and in Our Love for One  Another

  3. Our Call to Share Jesus

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