We can relax and enjoy ourselves for all eternity. Our time on earth is far, far too precious to waste merely coasting to our passing.

The secular world encourages us to look forward to our retirement. When we become senior citizens, we are urged to spend our remaining years relaxing, taking it easy, enjoying ourselves. Our working days are over.   Joy is -- Coasting to the end.

In contrast, Moses began his great work when he was 80 years old.  " "Now Moses was eighty years old, and Aaron eighty-three years old, when they spoke to Pharaoh." (Exodus 7:7)

Merlin Carothers, author of From Prison To Praise (well over 11,000,000 copies sold!) had retired some twenty years before. A group decided to ask him to come to Cincinnati, Ohio to speak at a Healing Service and to some other groups in the city. He declined the invitation; he was retired. A persistent young woman called him a number of times and brought him out of retirement for "one last time".   But he returned to his home in California eager to restart his work, and his powerful ministry continues.

How is God calling you to serve Him with your life? Coasting out the rest of your life is not one of His preferred options.