The John Paul II called on us to fast due to the situation in the world -- the "dark clouds" he saw gathering -- and he's did so because he knew just how powerful fasting is. The more you do it, the more powerful it becomes. And believe it or not, the more you fast the more you like it. At the end of a fast you really feel God's power. He loves when we deny the flesh and look towards heaven. 

That's what fasting is: a statement that we choose the spirit over the flesh, and the longer we can deny ourselves, the better. It allows us to transcend the physical. At Medjugorje, the Virgin has constantly urged us to fast. It's in dozens of messages. "The Devil tries to impose his power on you, but you must remain strong and persevere in your faith," the Virgin said in November of 1981. "You must pray and fast. I will always be close to you." 

You must fast, that is, unless you are physically ill, in which case you can find an alternative. The times are dangerous and fasting is the strongest weapon against the devil. He is prince of this world and fasting takes us above it. When you see people who lose their way or drift into dark aspects of religion -- who become critical, who do not love, who drift toward falsity -- it is often because there is no fasting. When we fast we develop discipline and that discipline is transmitted to all spiritual aspects. 

It helps us pray. It magnifies prayer. And it regulates our thoughts. With fasting we're able to control our habits, make breakthroughs to other people, loose bonds, tear down strongholds, fend off those who persecute, cleanse our pride, and bring loved ones back to the faith. It's incredible how during or just after a fast prayers are so often and powerfully answered. Fasting is liberating. It helps us discern. We are able to lift spiritual blinders and see farther and more clearly.

God honors our efforts. Simply avoiding a snack or single meal is a good way to start. But it should proceed further. Maybe some coffee and juice but the best fast is a day without a snack or meal, and the very best fast is bread and water. 

If not that, then whatever possible way, the best effort possible. Give up something you really truly enjoy. Offer it to God. "Without you I am not able to help the world," said an August 28, 1986, message from Medjugorje. "Repeated prayers and fasting reduce punishments from God," added a November 6, 1982, message.

It was by heeding Jonah and doing penance -- not just abstinence, but donning sackcloth and fasting -- that the city of Nineveh, the New York of its day, avoided chastisement.

Pope John Paul II called out to the world as a modern Jonah and is uncannily in line with Medjugorje. Indeed, we're told by a close friend of the Pope believes that JPII had visions, and we don't doubt it. He certainly harbored a soft spot for Medjugorje, and let us repeat her July 21, 1982, message: "Through fasting and prayer, one can stop wars, one can suspend the laws of nature."

That's pretty good news! In fact, about as good as it gets. When there is a problem in your family -- when someone is troubled, when someone is ill, even desperately so -- fasting for that person can lift the natural laws and evil coming against him or her and lead to healing. It is spiritual. It causes deliverance. Fasting is potent in dispelling the devil. 

What could be better news than that? 

With fasting, we have the opportunity (be it the Will of God) to reverse anything. Our prayers are maximized. Our souls are cleansed. We're with Jesus on the desert. 

When you fast, go through the house and pray all the evil out and do the same through the day wherever you are.

This is how our country will be saved and how terrorism will be stopped and how our children -- how future generations -- will be rescued.