Susan was very unkind to Bill, and she soon realized it. She went back to Bill.

 “I’m sorry I hurt you, Bill, I ask for your forgiveness,” said Susan.

“Oh, forget it. That’s all right.”

"That’s the wrong answer, Bill. The correct answer is, 'I forgive you.'

So, let’s try that again.” “I’m sorry I hurt you, Bill, I ask for your forgiveness.”

“I forgive you, Susan.”

 Had Susan accepted Bill’s “Oh that’s all right, forget it,” the effects of the sin would remain unresolved inside Bill, and both Susan and Bill would continue to feel the strain in their relationship. We need to forgive, and say so.

 When we tell God, “Lord, I goofed,” His reply is not, “That’s all right.” Were He to answer us, He would be honest, “You’re right. You did goof.”

 God does not excuse, He does not perfume our sin with some form of “Forget it,” or “It really wasn’t anything,” or “You couldn’t help it.”   He calls sin, “sin!” If we admit our sin to Him and ask for forgiveness, He will gladly forgive us. If we don’t ask, our sin remains.

 We name it: “Lord, I have sinned (in this way).”

We claim it: “It is my fault, Lord.”

We disdain it: “Lord, I ask for Your forgiveness.”

We accept it (forgiveness): “Thank you, Lord, for forgiving me.”

We forget it: God says, “I will remember your sin no longer.” Respecting His love, we too choose to forget it.   Having heard us verbalize our choice, God will help us do it.