Bro. Joseph Spehar, S.M.
Bro. Joseph Spehar, S.M.

Bro. Joe spent prayer time by listening to the Lord and His Spirit and to what He wanted to say in these teachings.



Each LRC Mini Teaching is a skeleton with some meat on it. It is part of our experience and prayerful insights. The teachings do not claim to be infallible; feel free to disagree. If they are meaningful to you, give them life within yourself, if they are not, discard them quickly.

Should you find a teaching particularly meaningful, let the Lord touch your heart during your quiet time with Him. Watch Him customize the teaching for your needs by adding meat in just the right places.

One trained in theology and philosophy may choose to fight these Mini Teachings. Waving the banner: “Always Distinguish,” they will be full of “Yes, buts…”. These Mini Teachings are just that—mere snippets, not exhaustive treatments. A few facets of a many-faceted diamond. If, because of your training, you become distracted or angry by a partial treatment, our loving suggestion is: Please do God and yourself a favor; don’t read these Minis.

These Minis do not come in a consciously-planned order. Each came to mind, were typed and here they are. Nothing more. Please do not try to detect some secret, hidden reason for their placement. You have here a buffet, not a full-course meal. So, teachings may be out of logical sequence—a mini on preparation for prayer may come long after other more advanced forms of prayer are mentioned. In community teachings we try to offer full-course meals. However, we offer no excuses here.

Bro. was blessed with and used the gift of discernment.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit & Acts of the Apostales

Deacon Homoelle Sept. 13, 2017