Let’s get this clear! “Not approved” does not mean “disapproved.” When the Church says that an apparition is “not approved,” that is a positive statement; it is a compliment. That is not the message we hear from people who should know better. Do the God a favor, inform the misinformed.

When the Church hears about a reported apparition, it prudently waits to see what will happen. If people begin to flock to the site, the Church begins an investigation. The purpose is to determine the source of the reported apparition: Is the origin human, divine, or satanic?

When the Church has determined that the apparition does not appear to be of demonic or human origin, it says that the apparition is not approved. That means that the Church is not ready to state that the origin is clearly divine.

Thus the apparition has passed the first, and most crucial test. Of course, the Church continues to monitor what is happening, but it says that it hasn’t yet spotted anything amiss.

So, if anyone barks at us saying, “The Church says that is not approved,” we can respond, “Isn’t that wonderful?! The Church didn’t find anything wrong! That’s why they didn’t say “disapproved.”