The pressures of daily life caused a friend, who had been drawn into living in the Kingdom of God, to go back to his old ways of living, thinking and acting. He had one failure after another. This happened over and over again, and he was very upset—until in prayer it dawned on him that God was not allowing him to have success on his own by beginning acts outside the Kingdom of God. God wanted him to learn how to start his decisions inside the Kingdom of God, not outside. He had asked God to train him, and this was God’s approach—repeated failures. When he realized what God was doing, he laughed—and loved it. What an adventure!

 It is not that the Natural Realm is bad, but our humanity is weak and subject to the effects of sin. Action that begins in a state of mind even slightly separated from God is not God’s will for us. He wants to teach us how to live as Jesus lived.

 His teaching patterns and pruning vary with different personalities, but the common element is His goal of having us live and act within the Spirit Realm. These acts will overflow into human acts and events in the Natural Realm. This is wisdom from above; we don’t try to figure it out ourselves. It is His idea and ultimately His responsibility. Our part is to be open to and long for His healing love. And patience, patience, patience. God takes His time.

 If this mini seems strange and confusing—a mere skeleton, ask the Holy Spirit to put flesh on it.