Healing Power of God’s Love

Mary is a young woman who has had a lot happen to her in her short span of life. Her problems started about 31/2 years ago, when she was pregnant with her first child. After delivery she spiked a temp of 104, which went untreated and over looked. She had an infection, which no one at the hospital took an interest in. She was sent home with a temp and it was later found out she had a staph infection.

Then in 2010, Mary was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her mother, Marge, stood in for her at the February healing event and asked for healing. Praise GOD, the tumor was successfully removed, she can walk and talk and take care of her child, however, she has double vision. At a later date she can have corrective surgery on her eye.

    In March 2011 Mary had to have open-heart valve repair. Once again God has healed her and so far she is doing great. Marge has asked for prayers to relieve Mary of the headache’s she still has from the brain surgery. Linda has had many skin cancers with skin grafts, especially to the face region.

     One recent graft was done last year and because it dealt with nerve endings she had a lot of pain, which the doctor told her she would have to learn to accept. Brother Joe prayed over her and extended his hand over her head and then moved his hand directly over her forehead and immediately said do you feel that? That is a healing going on in your body. Linda immediately felt warmth in the area of her forehead and top of her head. Since the Healing event she has not had the pain.

Praise the Lord