Healing of Knee

    I came to a healing service on August 3, 2011 with the sole purpose of claiming and receiving a healing for my knee from Jesus. I had left my doctor’s office earlier in the day & he had given me a cortisone shot in my knee and said it would feel much better. Instead, it had swelled to more than twice its size and I was in a lot of pain.

     I have learned over the years that God’s healing power is so much bigger and better than doctors. So, I looked on the internet to see when the next healing service was at St. Ignatius Church and lo & behold it was that evening. My husband had been in the hospital that day and I remember stopping in to see him and telling him I was going to St. Ignatius Church to claim a healing for my knee because I was in so much pain and it was so swollen and I needed to be healed.

     I didn’t really question it, I just knew I needed to claim it, receive it and I was going to keep it. I came limping in pain to the service with my swollen leg. When it came time for the prayer team to minister, I was prayed with. As Sr. Christine was praying over me, I felt my entire knee go back to its normal size and the pain disappeared within about 30 seconds – before she was even done praying.
I gave thanks and praise to Jesus and came home knowing I would keep this healing and not let the enemy take it away. It’s been fine since. As a foot note, I dropped a letter off of this experience to my Doctor the very next day. I told him what had happened after he gave me the cortisone shot AND that instead of going back to him I thought I would just ask Jesus to heal it and He did.
God’s Miracles happen every day in the name of Jesus!

God Bless, Marne Cincinnati, OH