Molly had been going through lots of test to find out why she was unable to become pregnant, She started testing at age 33 and this went on for 2 – 3 years. The doctors told her is was unexplained infertility. They couldn’t come up with a reason for not getting pregnant.

     Molly didn’t think she and her husband could take any more pain or the dark feeling that coming with each disappointment. She was told that they could try IBS and if that didn’t work they could try invetro, which the doctors were pushing their way.

     Molly had been asking people to pray for them. Molly came to a Healing mass in March of 2009. She said several weeks later she got the feeling she should do a pregnancy test, which she did two and both came back negative. Still not giving up, she called her doctor and he told her is was her nerves after al she had been going through. Her doctor said is her spotting was still happening by the next week he would put her on medicine that would clean the womb out and she would be her old self again. However, Molly believes that GOD was leading her to get a blood test at an Urgent Care. So that same day, Molly went to the Urgent Care and had a blood test done. She was PREGNANT.

     Praise GOD, she went with her feelings or else on Monday the doctor would have given her something to abort the baby.

     Molly is now pregnant with her third child. Her pregnancy have been very hard on her but she praised GOD for the miracles HE has given her.

     She is the proud mother of a girl and boy and the next one will be healthy and welcomed into the family.

Thank you JESUS