Healing Report by Erika C

(May 2016)

On February 23, 2012, I turned 30 years old and reached a point in my life where I had a good handle on how to plan and control the many areas in my life. What I didn’t know was that knowing how to control was leading me down a path of emptiness.

I remember July 13, 2012 as it was yesterday. The day I entered the Good Samaritan hospital fighting for my life from a pulmonary embolism (which is a blood clot in the lung) and the day I lost total control. I spent 10 long days in the hospital to learn that one of the several causes was an anti-virus that I had acquired in my blood called lupus anticoagulant leading to medication of blood thinners for life (one of those medications would include daily injections). Although this experience taught me how to truly trust and completely surrender my life to our Lord, my human flesh pushed me the other direction of fear. Fear of losing my life and leaving my two small children and loving husband behind.

Surrendering my life to our Lord meant that I immersed myself in His teachings and word. From prayer to journaling to the very first healing service I attended a couple months ago, I knew and had the faith that only God could find a cure for this blood disorder I had acquired. Today I want to share what I experienced during my first healing mass. I remember seeing the announcement of the mass in the bulletin and marking it in my calendar. I walked-in not knowing what to expect, but focusing on having an open heart. The intention I shared was a complete cure from my condition and overcoming the fear of losing my life. As I closed my eyes, and allowed the minister of healing to pray over me, I slowly felt the weight of my body lifted. Overwhelmed by the feeling of tranquility, I remember entering a complete mode of peace. Minutes later, I awoke from the mode as I pulled myself up from the floor from a featherlike condition. Yes, the Holy Spirit took me and I rested in the spirit to the floor.

This weightless mode remained as I drove home and for the coming weeks and soon realized that the fear of losing my life was gone. Today I am happy to share that my lupus anticoagulant blood condition is completely gone and my blood levels are back to normal.

After a series of blood test, the lupus anticoagulant condition came back negative and my DR was surprised to see my quick healing especially since he had predicted a lifetime of blood thinners. Today I am off the therapeutic medication and instead of being afraid to lose my life, I am 23 weeks pregnant and giving life to our FOURTH child.

I was healed physically and emotionally and my daily prayer to the Lord when I have a bad day is that He takes control of my life and that he leads my way.